BonFire believes in the best standards, which is why the policies, guidelines, and practices are optimized for experimental work and adhere to the highest industry standards. The infrastructure is set as an extension of the operational policies and guidelines. It is vital that the infrastructure needs to adhere to these standards to maintain high-quality testing services, which is the prime focus.

A multi-layered approach has been adopted to ensure cross-platform checking where multi-platform testing works through these layers. The idea is to ensure proper communication between channels and networked operation in order to provide the novel services which are based on the geographically distributed testbeds.


Networking Testbeds serve as the backbone of the infrastructure and the whole service relies on these testbeds to ensure thorough intercommunication and interoperation needs of the customer. Developers require heavy testing with a non-stop testing approach to test the amount of load their systems and applications can take in longer runs. Testbeds provide the backbone for this service in the cloud computing network.

BonFire testbeds are strategically placed in different geographic locations across the Europe. This allows availability of all important cloud computing resources and infrastructure at all time which is the basic idea of cloud computing. Cloud computing is useless without proper availability and spreading the testbeds ensures that the storage, computing power, and networking is always at the consumer’s disposal.

The beauty of this system lies in the easy accessibility of each individual testbed using a single descriptor. This is made possible through the BonFIRE API especially created on one of the strongest cloud computing approach OCCI or Open Cloud Computing Interface. Using OCCI approach also allows to embed on-demand resources with ease and the consumer can handle them at their end to ensure seamless operations throughout their testing phases.

Customer Control

Another salient feature of BonFIRE services is the level of control over the resources which is exceptionally well tested and performs better than its major competitors on several levels including ease of access. Offering an experimenter control of the system BonFIRE allows customers to use the services as they like and create instances of their choice using BonFIRE computing power, storages, and all the networking resources. This is supported by the dynamic creation, updating, reading and deletion of resources through different phases of the experiment. These facilities are available throughout the life of each experiment and enable the customer to experiment without any glitches.

Extendible Computing and Resource Power

Another important feature that allows the user to expand or contract their resources as they conduct different phases of their experiment is the availability of wide range of resources including supercomputing resources, different types of storage resources and networking resources. These resources can be put together by the experimenter on-demand.

  • Supercomputer: Testbeds are optimized to offer several computing instances with the availability of different CPU powers and RAMs that allow you to work through the experiment using a sing sign-in across the system.
  • Storage: In addition to the base images BonFire offers extendable solutions that work with your base storage to ensure ample storage at all time.
  • Networking: Virtual Walling for testbeds is used to ensure advance access to the network emulations on the system. This allows experimenters fine control of networking and performance resources.