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We helped industrial initiatives to help boost their productivity through our network.

BonFIRE has been open-heartedly supporting many initiatives from different countries across the globe through the Open Access initiative. The idea is to help initiatives in the developing countries and/or in the academic area to help research culture. We have also helped industrial initiatives to help boost their productivity through our network.

Atos Research and Innovation – The project is based on a simple idea, to deliver telemedicine and health care products for patients at their doorsteps, in Slovakia. A multi-layer application within the BonFire cloud services that allows support through a learning, expert network with social interaction. The idea is focused on dementia patients and people who take care of them. Atos came to BonFIRE for analyzing app behavior and optimize performance for overloaded usage using BonFIRE reporting.

ERNET India – Based in India this project aims to move electronic learning to the Cloud using BonFire. BonFIRE also allows ERNET to investigate fault and bug tolerance in the Cloud delivery models. The ERNET is focused on moving the services to the cloud to make them available to even larger masses without having to worry about ease of access issues. BonFIRE’s multi-site network is ideal for this purpose.

Digital Enterprise Research Institute – The National University of Ireland works with BonFIRE to test and analyze an OpenIOT middleware. In this initiative BonFIRE allows DERI to fire up sensors through Cloud services. These sensors create a load of 100,000 streams up second for about the same number of people.

SWAN – This Danish software solution for data processing came to BonFIRE for better control of their networking through the Virtual Wall and critically analyze the Quality of Service across different levels of bandwidth. The software solution caters to businesses and other networks to help them improve their productivity.

Parallel DAEM – The University of Manchester is another academic institute that collaborated with BonFIRE through the Open Acces. The concept of experiments ran by Services System Design Group is to create a parallel Dynamic Agent-based Ecosystem Model for the Future Internet. This is an important area in the evolution of the Internet and BonFIRE is thoroughly supporting the concept.

JUNIPER – BonFIRE is not limited academic institutions when it comes to research based projects. Juniper is one such example. Juniper is a Java platform for high performance and real-time large scale data experimenting on large streaming data. The platform uses BonFIRE resources for pilot projects in order to help scale Big Data analytics and other Cloud Computing areas.

Automate the Cloud – We have saved the best for the last on our list. A joint venture of University of Edinburgh and HP Labs came to BonFIRE for research on automation of Cloud services. The experimental research was focused on the migration of services between Clouds using the strategically placed geographic testbed sites for data distribution and ease of access.

The Open Access initiative is still in progress and the list is likely to grow many folds in the future. With the rise of IoT and Big Data not only BonFIRE but the Cloud services are gaining more and more weight due to ease of access and reliability.

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